Set up of STB Emulator


If you are planning to use an Android phone or Android tablet please head over to Install AUSIPTV on Android phone or Android tablet

The following instructions are for Android TV box only.

We will send you the STB Emulator download link. Please download and install the file on your android device.

Once the STB Emulator is installed in your device follow the below instructions to setup your device.

Please note you might need a Keyboard and a mouse (or) air mouse connected to your Android TV box to make it easier for installation. After installation is complete you will be able to use your android tv box remote to operate without issues.

When you open the “STB Emulator” app for the first time after installation it might look like below.

Click on the right top corner to open “Settings”.

Once inside the “Settings” menu click on the “Profiles” tab.

Then click on the “Profile name”.

Edit the Profile name to “AUSIPTV”. DO NOT Delete the default profile as you might loose the defaults stored.

Click OK. Now select “Portal settings”.

Update the “Portal URL” to:

Click OK. Now Go back once to find “STB Configuration”.

Now choose “STB Model” and select “MAG250” if it is not already selected. Click OK.

Now scroll a little down to see the “MAC Address”. There will be a default MAC address entered. Please overwrite with the one we supply to you. MAC address is generally of the format “XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”.

MAC address to be entered will be provided by us. Enter the MAC address provided by us and click OK.

Now you are all set. Go Back to the main screen. Click on the top right corner and choose “Profiles”.

Choose the profile “AUSIPTV” that you just created.

If you have done all the settings mentioned above correctly, your portal should start to load. Wait for a while for it to load.

If the above screen does not appear and start to load in a maximum of 2 minutes please revisit the steps to see if you have gone wrong anywhere.

Once the portal is loaded you would see the below screen.

You can now choose the country of your choice and Start watching live TV.

Enjoy AUSIPTV service on any Android device.